What is Email Marketing?

Have you ever followed a blog, purchased a product online, or supplied your email address in order to download a coupon or PDF? Once you give out your email, you probably received occasional (sometimes not so occasional) emails for sales/new product alerts or links to articles. Many companies do this, and it doesn’t have to be spammy or an inconvenience to your subscribers. If done right, you can provide a valuable resource by planting seeds of trust, and ensure your subscribers think of you the next time they want to make a donation or require the services or products you provide.

With email marketing, you show up where your customers are already spending their time (their inbox) instead of asking them to find you or remember who you are months later when they are ready to buy.

The Benefits of Email Marketing Over Social Media

You own your email list. It’s yours, nobody can take it away or alter how your subscribers see your email communication. Email has been around for years and isn’t going anywhere. Most of us check our email multiple times a day and make difficult to follow New Year’s resolutions to “unplug” from our email.

Social Media trends come and go. Years ago My Space held the coveted top spot, yesterday the youth ruled facebook, today everyone–including your mom and grandmother–is on facebook. Now that facebook is owned by shareholders, they are looking for ways to increase their bottom line. In order for more of your followers to see your status updates, you’ll have to pay to boost your post. Social Media users are also swamped with the more “social” aspect of Social Media so you need to really stand out in order to be noticed in these spaces.

While I do not recommend dropping your Social Media marketing budget, it’s a wise move to boost your email subscriber list. A visitor’s coveted email address is harder to attain than a social media “like” or follow, but it is also a much more targeted contact.

How does it work?

If you decide to dip your toes into email marketing, it will require some work on your part. You’ll need regular email content and/or offerings to keep people interested and allow email marketing to do what it does best. You might want grab Copy Blogger’s Solutions for Smarter Content Marketing for ideas and help. I’ll always be here to provide direction and you can subscribe to my own email list at the bottom of this page for monthly online marketing tips. (Did you catch what I did there?)

I recommend MailChimp as an email campaign provider if you are just starting out because they don’t charge a monthly fee or per email as long as your email list is under 2,000 subscribers. After I’ve configured your account, and you’re ready to send an email, you’ll simply compose it using MailChimp’s tool and hit send. MailChimp manages all your email subscriptions and provides statistics so you can see how well your email performed.

Contact me when you are ready to get started on an email marketing endeavor. We can brainstorm ways to boost your email marketing list and how to create content marketing that delivers.