Your website is the hub of your online marketing efforts. For some of your clients/customers, your website is their first impression of your business. Just beyond this first impression is a pack of competitors’ websites just a click away. Visitors make decisions very quickly online. If you don’t grab your visitors attention with a nicely designed and easy to use website, there is a high probability your visitors will move on to a competitor’s. Learn more about website services »

Email Marketing

Visitors can stumble upon your website through a variety of places – from a search engine result, to a social media link, or a more traditional bus or billboard ad. If they find you and like you, they may not ever make it back to your website even if they have the best of intentions to remember or bookmark your site. People are busy and they are bombarded with products, services and links to other websites constantly. How can you stand out and help people find you again? You might want to try your hand at email marketing. It is a great way to target interested visitors who have gone the extra step of providing you with their contact information. For the visitor, it’s a great way to let a business do the work of staying in touch. An email signup form along with links to your facebook or twitter page gives your visitors multiple ways to stay in touch. Learn more about Email Marketing services »